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Meridian Adventures

Since 1997 we have served the Ocean introducing people to the beauty of the underwater realm


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Base Location

Base Location

Only 45 minutes south of the Durban city centre, in the little town of Umkomaas right on the coast. The dive area is conveniently situated just back from the ocean with sea views. Watch the boats going out and back from the Aliwal Shoal, or the whales in the winter months, and dolphins riding the surf.
Our Objective

Our Objective

For you to enjoy the adventure of gliding through the 3 dimensional ocean environment. Watching life progression in the making, experiencing the interaction of the great creatures from Sharks and whales to the smallest nudibranches up and down our coastline. This is our passion, our lives and we will guide you through from the beginning through to adventures you never thought possible!


Barry and Celia Coleman head up Meridian. 

 FUN DIVING - every day!


We will show you the beauties of our ocean right here on our ‘doorstep’ which is one of the top 10 dive sites rated in the world.


Introduce you to 100 year old turtles that are on the endangered list

Interact with wild dolphins – and experience eye to eye contact with them

Investigate the mysteries of our reefs

Discover new species of fish and marine lift

Don’t believe we have found it all – there is much more to see on every dive

Learn to identify different corals

Have an encounter with the Gods of our oceans, dive with whales, and hear their whale song

Step into reality of our wonderful seas 

Fascinating fish from brightly coloured fish to the master of camouflage

There are exotic shells and tiny rainbow coloured Nudibranchs

Swim through brightly coloured overhangs and glide along reef walls which drop to the depths of the ocean

Swim alongside and around Giant Manta Rays

  • Celia & Barry Coleman

    Celia & Barry Coleman

    BARRY & CELIA COLEMAN have 20 years experience diving the waters of Southern Africa which provides you with a wealth of knowledge which is hard to match! So please feel free to explore our web page and we look forward to hearing from you!
  • Celia Coleman

    Celia Coleman

    Celia Coleman is the Management of Meridian Dive, responsible for the administration, bookings and planning. She is the admin Guru!
  • Barry Coleman

    Barry Coleman

    Barry Coleman, is the main Instructor and service technician. Specialising in rebreather diver training and technical diving. Barry conceptulised the recreational rebreather and pushed for the concept to be developed and the Poseidon Mk6 was born from a design team which included Bill Stone, Richard Pile and Barry Coleman amongst others. The unique mouthpiece design by Barry is a break through in rebreather technology making this the very first mouthpiece to include open circuit bail out option and the ADV all in one!
  • Celia & Barry Coleman
  • Celia Coleman
  • Barry Coleman